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Friday, 9 December 2016

Ladies shoes to consider for this season

When we are talking about shoes, our opinion was that every lady has an endless options and ideas to choose from. Indeed, there are numerous of awesome styles for ladies to wear with their stunning outfits. But, there are some types of footwear that for sure can give ladies a trendy update and we list them below. Hope these will inspire you to buy the similar ones for your next street walk.

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Classy Branded Formal Shoes for Men

Formal shoes are footwear that are suitable for any type of formal occasion. They’re suitable for a wedding, the office or a business meeting.
In this fast and modern world everyone seems too busy in raising their standards of living. People today are really fashionable and have full sense about their appearance and personality. In this modish era, not only women even men are also fully aware of fashion and want to emerge as the standardize personality through their hot, dashing and handsome looks.

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Skirts Basic for Ladies

Of all the items in a woman’s closet, the skirt is one of the most classic and feminine pieces she can turn to for any and every occasion. The skirt can be simple, sweet, sophisticated, subtle, serious, sexy, or show-stopping. You need to chase around your toddler? There’s a skirt for that. Got a black tie gala? There’s a skirt for that. Dressing for success? You guessed it…, there’s a skirt for that, too.

Friday, 2 December 2016

Leather Shoes and Their Care

Leather Shoes and Their Care The first step to proper shoe care is the identification of the material from which the shoe is made.

The first step to proper shoe care is the identification of the material from which the shoe is made. Different materials require different shoe care routines. What is appropriate for a pair of one pair of shoes could damage another because not all shoes are created equal. We cannot treat a canvas sneaker the same way we would a leather brogue. But each type needs the same proper care and maintenance and the biggest mistake we can make is to neglect proper care for our shoes after we bring them home.

We should put some time and effort into the fabric and the soles of our shoes, and they will stand up to whatever punishment our feet inflict on them. Here is how to keep our shoes looking good and be at their best.

Thursday, 24 November 2016

Men Complete Guide to Shirt, Tie and Suit Combination

men complete guide to shirt-tie-and-suit conbination
Getting creative with your shirt and tie combinations is one of the best ways to showcase your love of fashion and style within a formal environment, but they’re extremely easy to get wrong. To add the finishing touch [the tie] to our dress, some men feel confused as to how to choose a tie that will complement the other elements in their ensemble. After all, colours and patterns can be confusing individually, but when you start mixing them together, all hell can break loose. 

The biggest mistake we see men make when trying to match their tie to their clothing is that they have bought the wrong tie for the clothing in their wardrobe.

Friday, 18 November 2016


loafer shoe
Loafer is a typically low, lace-less shoes. They are mostly refers to as slip-ons or slippers in American culture, and has a moccasin construction.
Time and again fashion magazines, shoe expert and style guru have pinpointed on loafers as one of the ten shoes that should be in everyone's closet. Loafers are unusually stylish and thanks to their unique slip-on design, comfort and style for feet can be achieved at a push of toes. Rest assured, we would not be labelled as guilty for not wearing socks under them.