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LAGBAYI, KAYODE OYENIRAN is the founder of kaylinks blog, one of the contents laoded blogs. He was born in the largest city on the coast of West Africa, Ibadan, Nigeria.

His higher education experiences were spent at Osun State College of Technology, Esa-Oke, Osun State, Nigeria where he bagged National Diploma in Electrical/Electronic Engineering and University of Ilorin, Ilorin (the capital of Kwara State), Nigeria. He graduated with a degree in Physics, but learned so much more.

Kayode, a prolific writer, is a Data Center Engineer, Musician, Poet and Blogger; and he really loves it. He loves to mingle with people around him, both old and young and to be with him is always lively because of his humorous attitude and inspirational words.

He is quiet, bubbly, shy, funny, gentle, cool, vibrant, not easily fused and outgoing person. Although, he has also been known to be principle to the core and blend with situation as needs call for it. He is a well-rounded individual who lives with passion, dedication, and grace. The things he loves most in life are hanging with friends, playing piano,writing articles, singing, traveling, blogging, photography, reading, kids, poem and music in general.

OWOLABI, SAMSON SUNDAY popularly known as Owoflowsam who hails from Ẹ̀bá-Ọ̀dàn (the city at the junction of the savannah and the forest), Oyo State, Nigeria, is the co-founder of kaylinks blog.

He is a dynamic young man whose diplomatic approaches to multifarious issues of life are quite enviable though his behavioural pattern, at times, does not take a clear departure from that of an integrity-conscious activist. His philosophy frequently focuses on working with different corporate organisations where his keenly acquired experience and scholarly skills can be maximally utilised so as to constantly consolidate their modus operandi with a view to ensuring that the corporate goals of such establishments are rightly protected.

His passion for life-complementing activities, such as blogging, writing business proposals and books for people, business management, emceeing, motivational talks, event planning, editing, proofreading, printing,  meeting people, playing indoor and outdoor games and the host of others, has taken him to different parts of the country. He is a member of some notable organisations in the country where his expertise is frequently enjoyed.

He is a dependably dynamic, rationally resilient, industriously intelligent, inestimably indefatigable and critically creative young man who is always interested in contributing immensely to any organization or society he finds himself in.